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Kindergarten Resources

Utah's Early Learning Online Library has some wonderful resources for children who are getting ready for Kindergarten. Each month there are various reading ideas, activities, crafts, etc. to complete with your child.  

Here is their Utah Kids Ready to Read website and their Preschool Path Website.

Please watch a seminar put on by Heggerty (about 30 minutes long) for activities to support your child's Reading Skills at home.

Heggerty has put out a document to help support early reading skills at home. You can start doing these activities with your child of any age to help build their awareness of sounds, letters, and words.

Below are examples taken from Acadiance Home Connect

Can your child... identify the first sound in moon? (mmm)

  • Letter Race: Choose five letters, write them on a sheet of paper and read them with your child.  Challenge your child to find them in a paper, saying the letters as they find them on a paper.
  • Shopping for Sounds: As you and your child shop, have your child separate the sounds in the name of each item you put in your shopping basket, listening for beginning, middle, and ending sounds; for example, for a bag, your child would say b-a-g. Next, ask your child to blend sounds together to make a word. Say words one sound at a time; for example, you say m-i-l-k and your child says milk; you say c-a-n and your child says can.
  • Magnetic Words: Help your child reading and writing letters and words. Help your child form words using magnetic letters.
  • Personal Dictionary Help your child create a personal word dictionary. This is a long-term project that's fun for rainy or snowy days. Help your child write a letter of the alphabet at the top of every page in a notebook or on separate sheets of paper. Ask your child to write down recently learned words on the page with the corresponding first.

Fine motor skills are an important task that students need to practice daily.  Children should be practicing skills daily that increases their hand and finger strength.  Activities that you can do with your child include legos, playdough, squeezing stress balls, cutting out pictures, drawing, and threading beads, plus many more.  Below is some writing papers that you can download and use with your child to practice writing.  You can have them practice writing strokes, the different lines used when writing, practice copying their upper and lower case letters, or write letters to family members.

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