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Hawthorn Academy

Where every student belongs.

Hawthorn Academy is a free, public charter school  located in northern Utah serving Kindergarten thru 9th grade. We are a STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, and math) school with two campus locations: 

  • our South Jordan campus serves students in grades K-6,
  • whereas our West Jordan campus serves students in grades K-9.

Our graduating 6th graders at the South Jordan campus receive priority enrollment status for 7th Grade at our West Jordan campus. 

Check out our Strategic Plan and learn more about us below!

Core Values

At Hawthorn, we believe building a strong school culture is vital to the success and well being of students and teachers.

At its core, culture is a collection of shared values and expectations that inform practice. At Hawthorn, we value Safety, Growth, and Engagement

We believe that if we align our efforts to these core values and establish expectations that guide and inform the practices of all students and adults, we will cultivate a culture of positivity, high expectations, inclusion, and trust.


Hawthorn Academy, where high expectations, individual growth, and academic achievement happen!


Hawthorn Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and engaging environment that guarantees high levels of growth and achievement for every member of the Hawthorn community.

The success of our vision is connected to our commitment to establishing powerful systems and structures necessary to assure success. We are determined to focus our time, energy, and resources on initiatives that make our vision a reality.

Curriculum & Instruction

Embedded in these three core values is Hawthorn Academy’s commitment to providing high quality instruction for all students. All teachers follow a guaranteed and viable curriculum that aligns to Utah’s core standards, and work to assure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive academically and reach their full potential. 

In addition to our core content areas, we are excited to begin the process of a strong STEM integration throughout our day to day curriculum. This new focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math promotes 21st century skills by fostering the 4 C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

We recognize that these ambitious goals and high quality instruction cannot be achieved without our dedicated and hard working educators. Hawthorn will continue to seek out the very best teachers, administrators, counselors, assistants, and other staff members by offering a strong compensation and benefits package, focused professional development, and ongoing support for their professional growth. 

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