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Lottery FAQ

The lottery opens the December 4, 2023 and the first general lottery will run on the fourth Monday in January. 

Priority is given to siblings of current students and students transferring from one campus to another with priority groups first lottery run on the second Monday in January. 

Returning students do not apply to the lottery, but register on Aspire. 

Returning student registration begins the first Monday in December, with the open enrollment period, and should be completed by the first general pool lottery run.

Public charter schools in Utah are required to have parents register through a lottery. This is because students can enroll from any district and the number of applicants exceeds the established ceiling. The lottery allows each student to have an equal chance to be chosen to attend. When a student is chosen, siblings of the applicant (within the same household) are also invited for admission, provided there are openings. Students currently admitted are given preference for re-enrollment. Siblings of admitted students are given preference relative to other applicants.

Hawthorn Academy does not discriminate in its admission policies or practices in accordance with Utah Code.

This cannot be determined due to the number of students applying each day for a limited number of openings in the school as students move out.

As per the amendments 2014 and 2017 approved by the Utah State Board of Education, Hawthorn currently serves the following number of students in each grade:


This cannot be determined due to the number of students applying each enrollment period for a limited number of openings in the school.

The office does not give out this information. The lottery is run several times each year, and positions change each time the lottery is run.

If a student is accepted in our first open enrollment lottery, the parents or guardians will be notified by email shortly after the first lottery is held. The first lottery is held the last week of January each year. If a student is accepted following the fist open enrollment period, you will be notified on an ongoing basis. Positions are filled throughout the school year as they become available.

If you need to update your personal information such as phone number, address, or e-mail address, or if you choose to withdraw your application, please log into the enrollment website to make any necessary changes.

By law, the only way to receive preferential treatment during enrollment is under the following circumstances: (1) a sibling is already attending the school or (2) a parent is a founding board member of the school. Extra volunteer hours, special favors, or donations are not accepted in exchange for special preference.

Per federal law, the school is not authorized to maintain a waiting list longer than the Open Enrollment period. All students who apply for enrollment must be entered into a lottery for randomized placement into the school as positions become available.

Hawthorn Academy follows the Utah State Code when transferring students from our school to another school. To transfer a student to Hawthorn please see our Lottery page to fill out an application.


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