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Policies & Procedures


Student Accelerated Learning

Hawthorn Academy will be using the ESSER III funds being awarded through the state in the following ways:

  • 20% of the funds will be used to address student learning and accelerate student achievement to regain ground lost in learning. This will be accomplished through additional support in grades to engage students in learning and provide additional support through both certified teachers and support staff in order to help students in small group instruction. 
  • 80% of the funds will be used to upgrade wireless technology, technology devices, equipment and services to ensure the health and safety of students. 

If you would like to provide any feedback on the plan for Hawthorn Academy, please feel free to contact our Superintendent, Dr Stensrud.


TSSA Plans

School LAND Trust

School LAND Trust Committee

Each campus has a School LAND Trust Committee that can be seen below. Hawthorn Academy follows the Utah Open Meetings Act and all meetings are open to the public. Meeting information is posted at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance on the Utah Public Notice Website, along with previous meeting minutes and recordings.

South Campus Committee

West Campus Committee

LAND Trust Council Membership & Election Procedures

In the state of Utah, monies from school trust lands are distributed to every public school through the School LAND Trust Program. Hawthorn Academy has a School LAND Trust Committee whose responsibilities include creating and approving the School LAND Trust Plan each year which identify an academic need and a proposed solution using the annual funds. The committee is an advisory body that may be comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators. All School LAND Trust Committee actions and plans are overseen and approved by the Governing Board of Directors.

You may see the 23/24 Trust Land Plan here or visit the School LAND Trust website for the plan and additional information.

Meeting Agenda/Minutes:

School Plan 2024-2025

Final Report 2021-2022:

Final Report 2020-2021:

The following notices are provided to parents annually during the registration process. Please click here to open Annual Notices.

  • Notice of Directory Information
  • Notice of Nondiscrimination
  • Notice to Parents Regarding Withdrawing from School
  • Notification of Rights under FERPA
  • Notification of Rights under PPRA and Utah FERPA
  • Parental Rights to Academic Accommodations
  • Student Data Collection Notice

The RISE test is Utah's standardized state assessment, and replaces the SAGE test. The RISE is administered to Utah students in grades 3-8, and 9th graders take the Utah Aspire Plus test. Our students also take RISE benchmark and interim tests during the school year. 

Please fill out this form and return to your campus principal to opt your student out of 2023-2024 RISE or Utah Aspire Plus testing.

Hawthorn Academy is chartered through the Utah State Board of Education.

The school charter documents detail our program of instruction and school goals. The policies and bylaws contained in Hawthorn Academy's original charter application are subject to change by the governing board.

School Report Card

The Utah State Board of Education reports each year on how schools, districts, and the State are performing on important indicators. School report cards are intended to inform parents, educators, and community stakeholders as they work collaboratively to achieve student success. 

At the core of the Utah School Report Cards is the belief that all students can grow, and all schools can improve. Included in the school report card is student performance on state standardized assessments.  

You can view school report cards, including testing data, by District, West Jordan campus, or South Jordan campus.

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