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Dress Code

Our dress code is important to us!

Hawthorn Academy believes a mandatory school uniform policy will:

  • provide a more secure school environment,
  • promote an atmosphere conducive to appropriate discipline with a minimum need for ongoing intervention, and 
  • increase learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions and negative or disruptive connotations associated with various types of clothing. 

Uniforms are required at Hawthorn Academy and provide a safe learning environment, where students can be themselves. Students can pay more attention in class and bullying is less likely to happen. Read through the dress code at the beginning of the school year so that you know what to wear. 

All students are required to wear uniforms. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children wear the designated school uniform clothing as outlined below. 

Students may choose to wear masks. It is not required unless they have been exposed to COVID. If exposed, they will need to wear a mask for 7-10 days at school.

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